Here at Arrow we love natural dye and color! For that reason, we use only the dyes that we make ourselves, derived from natural sources.

The earliest inhabitants of California relied upon their environment to supply them with the necessary materials to make their own dyes to enrich their clothing and baskets. At Arrow we are keeping this tradition alive by creating our own beautiful dyes and by dyeing all of our own leather. We choose to implement natural dyes because we love the deep and vibrant hues that only nature can produce. Some of our favorite color creations include; dusty purple, muted taupe, soft sage green and deep indigo blue.

Dye is an exciting and dynamic substance, it is alive and always changing. Although we keep consistent colors for our leather goods, there may be a slight variation in color from time to time. Some shades will be lighter or slightly darker at times. We embrace these nuances and believe this ensures a unique, one of a kind leather piece for you.

To read more about our relationship with dye and color please visit our blog page.