Step 1

Each cowhide is carefully selected from quality leather purveyors. We search through many top quality hides to find those that are the right size, texture and thickness best suited to our bags and accessories.


Step 2

The careful handling of the hides throughout the dyeing process enables us to provide the best color and feel to our leathers. The natural plant dyes we create makes it possible to produce a greater range of tones and effects.


Step 3

Patterns are laid out on the leather and the pieces are carefully measured then cut. Pieces
are stacked and ready for assembly.


Step 4

Each product is assembled by hand using a variety of specialized tools, threads, hardware
and techniques. While the larger pieces will often be machine sewn, hand sewing is
essential to the craft and is used extensively throughout our process.


Step 5

The final product is a well-constructed piece that will become
more beautiful with time and use.