Opening a Pizzeria


Colin before work

Colin before work



I have taken a hiatus from Arrow for the past few months to help my boyfriend open a small pizzeria in Oakland.  Opening Slicer has been exciting and thrilling!  We have been putting in many long days and have been rewarded by the wonderful customers we have met in the process.  The neighborhood has been so supportive, merchants and homeowners have become regulars and we have really gotten to know the street.

Colin has been putting together some great pizza combinations for the seasons; Broccoli di ceccio with garlic and fresh ricotta, roasted eggplant and mint at the end of the summer last September, and now with the early signs of spring; Asparagus with green garlic, shaved fennel and sheep-milk pecorino.  The salads are also amazing; chicories with shaved carrots, watermelon radish and baked ricotta with a coriander lime vinaigrette, or baby spinach with pickled golden beets, toasted almonds, parmesan and mustard vinaigrette.

We are looking forward to the warmer months and we are already planning on how we will participate in the 3rd Thursdays on Piedmont ave.  Just thought I would post about the project as it is my main focus for a while!  stay tuned for more Arrow updates. for full menu